The best quality fences in Darwin

Our fences are right on both sides!

When it comes to quality fences, you can't go past Rabbo's Fencing & Handyman Services. We are proudly lining the streets of Darwin with safe and attractive fences for all purposes. We will expertly install fences to suit any requirements and in a wide range of products and styles.

If you need it to be tough, call us!  We'll send an expert out to your site in Darwin for a free measure and quote. Our friendly team of professionals are always happy to help you with the ongoing support and advice that you need. 

Pool & safety

People in pool with fence in Darwin

The backyard swimming pool is a big part of life! We love to gather around the pool on social occasions, and cool off in it when the weather is hot.

A safety fence is absolutely essential if you have a pool. Safety fences can also be used to keep children away from things like animals and work areas containing dangerous objects.

When it comes to safety, make sure you choose the best quality fences available in Darwin.

Home & garden

Some of our fences and gates in Darwin

When choosing a fence to surround your home and garden, you need one that fits beautifully with your home. We have a wide variety of beautiful fences to enhance the look of your home.

A great fence can make your property look much neater and more presentable. A home without a fence almost looks unfinished. We have fences that are specifically designed to increase security and privacy, while remaining attractive. Think of your fence as a frame for your home. 


Industrial fence

Rabbo's Fencing & Handyman Services in Darwin has the capabilities to complete everything from very large industrial and commercial projects. All projects can be completed with a short turn-around and on budget. We have an extensive range of products available including chain wire, weldmesh and tubular fencing. We provide safe and effective fencing solutions that are suitable for factories, schools, building sites, prisons, sporting venues and even animal enclosures.